Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the event Cup FREE?

Conservation is a subject close to the heart of The Giant’s Cup and as a result we take our environmental footprint very seriously. In light of this the event will be a ‘cup free’ event and all runners will be required to carry their own cup for use on the trail and at the water tables.

Please ensure that you bring your own cup or equivalent to the event.

What accommodation is provided?

– Accommodation for all 3 nights will be in hotel accommodation at Premier Resort Sani Pass, Drakensberg Gardens Golf & Spa Resort and Bushman’s Nek Berg & Trout Resort on a room sharing basis. We will contact all runners prior to the event to organise the room sharing if you are travelling with friends or partners.

What is included in the cost of my entry?

– Your entry fee goes a long way and full details can be found on the Enter Race page.

What food is included?

– Dinner and breakfast will be provided at the three hotels where each of the overnight stops occur and lunch will be provided at the finish of both days of the event. For those seeking additional replenishments there are cash bars and restaurants available at all three hotels.
– Dinner at Bushman’s Nek Resort on the final night of the event will be in the form of an Awards Dinner whereby the overall podium positions will be awarded their prizes.
– Runners are welcome to book extra seats at the Awards Dinner for friends and family for an additional charge and must do so when entering the event. The cost per extra ticket will be R300 p.p.

How does my overnight bag get transported?

– On both mornings before the start runners will be required to pack up their belongings and hand them to a member of the GC Team to be transported to the finish of that particular day. Runners will then be able to collect their bag from at the finish. Please note we will only accept ONE bag per runner to be transported.

How do I get back to my car after the event?

Your vehicle will remain at Premier Resort Sani Pass during the event and there will be shuttle buses available on the Sunday morning to transport you and your bag back to Premier Resort Sani Pass from Bushman’s Nek. The shuttles will leave at 08h00 Sunday morning. The cost of this shuttle is included in your entry fee.

What are the weather conditions like?

-The weather in the Drakensberg in May generally consists of cold nights that can dip below zero and mild days in the high teens and low twenties. It is very important that runners bring suitable clothing for the evenings to counter the potentially sub-zero temperatures.
– While the mornings are cold in May the days are generally warm and mild so standard running kit is more than adequate. However it is highly recommended that runners pack sufficient cold weather running gear in the event that the weather closes in and the running conditions deteriorate.
– The weather forecasts during the event will be closely monitored and recommendations on appropriate gear will be made each morning before the start.
– Please check the Compulsory Kit page for details on what you need to wear and carry.

Is there any medical support?

– There will be a full medical team on standby throughout the event to respond to any medical emergencies that may arise.
– Injured or ill runners will be treated on site by the medical personnel who will gain access by foot, horseback or vehicle where possible.
– Should any extraction of a runner be deemed necessary this will be done by horseback or by vehicle where possible.
– The isolated nature of the course means that extraction could prove time consuming and difficult and runners will be expected to acknowledge this in the indemnity form that will need to be signed when entering the event.

How will the race be timed?

– Timing will be managed by the Event Organizers and their decisions will be final.

Event Alterations / Cancellation

– As the location of the Giants Cup Trail is in the high Drakensberg the weather can play a large role in the safety and viability of the event. While the month of May, which is relatively stable, has been chosen as the date for the event there remains the possibility for the weather to jeopardize the staging of the event.
– Should the Event Organisers feel that the safety of the runners is threatened in any way by adverse weather conditions they reserve the right to alter the course or cancel the event if necessary.