Ultra-Trail® Drakensberg (UTD) is a festival of trail running with events of 160km, 100km, 62km and 30km.

All events take place within the Southern area of the internationally renowned Maloti Drakensberg World Heritage Site and are point-to-point in nature, ensuring that large swathes of this iconic wilderness are traversed. Incorporating and skirting some of the legendary features of the Southern Drakensberg such as Sani Pass, Twelve Apostles, Khanti Ridge, Gxalingenwa Gorge, Hodgson’s Peaks, Garden Castle, Rhino Peak and Langalibalele’s Pass participants in Ultra-Trail® Drakensberg will experience mountain running at its very finest.

The 160km starts in the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho where it traverses 70km of high altitude terrain before joining into the 100km course at the top of Sani Pass and following the next 90km to Bushman’s Nek.

The 100km, 62km, 30km events are entirely on mountain trails (excepting the first 12km of the 100km event) to ensure a pure trail running experience which is further emphasised by an altitude bandwidth of 1600m-3482m. Runners will enjoy the company of some of the flagship fauna of the area including the mighty Eland and the critically endangered Bearded Vulture while the presence of the ancient San people will surround them in the shape of their world famous Rock Art.

The 100km, 62km, 30km events are ITRA registered event and official qualifiers for UTMB®.

More Information

Please visit the event website to enter online or for more information www.ultratraildrakensberg.com

Ultra-Trail® Drakensberg

Drakensberg Rockjumper

The Drakensberg Rockjumper (DRJ) is a two day trail run. It is an ideal event for those just getting into trail running or runners keen on the shorter distances. There is a choice of two distances:

DRJ 21/15 – 21km on day 1 and 15km on day 2

DRJ 15/12 – 15km on day 1 and 12km on day 2

Based at the Premier Resort Sani Pass and with a clover leaf format runners will be blown away by one of the most idyllic short course layouts on the Trail Running calendar. Predominantly in the Maloti Drakensberg Park runners will touch on sections of the legendary Giant’s Cup, Gxalingenwa and Khanti Ridge trails and experience genuine mountain trail running in its purest form.

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Please visit the event website to enter online or for more information www.drakrockjumper.co.za

Drakensberg Rockjumper


The Giant’s Cup is a 2-day trail run, set over the 5-day Giant’s Cup Hiking Trail, in the Maloti Drakensberg Park World Heritage Site in the Southern Drakensberg.

Runners will enjoy 62km of beautiful mountain trails and be able recover and relax afterwards in the comfort of the three resorts along the route.

Hiking Giants is the hiking option of the Giant’s Cup Trail Run. Many hikers are looking for a real physical challenge in the mountains on an ‘event’ style format, but without the requirement of running, and it is Hiking Giants ambition to provide that opportunity.

The principle beneficiary of The Giant’s Cup is the local branch of Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife (EKZNW) based at Cobham Nature Reserve. R500 per runner will be dedicated to this cause that will focus on local issues within the Maloti Drakensberg Park. These include alien vegetation, maintenance of the trails, funding of vital equipment for EKZNW staff and assistance with monitoring of critically endangered species such as the Bearded Vulture.

More Information

Please visit the event website to enter online or for more information at www.thegiantscup.co.za

The Giant's Cup

Sani Dragon

The Sani Dragon is a 2-day MTB stage race in the Underberg area of Southern KZN. The event will be based at the Premier Resort Sani Pass and takes place over the same period as the annual Underberg Farmer’s Association (UFA) Agricultural Show.

Day 1 will be approximately 50km in length and will form a large loop incorporating some of the most scenic district roads, jeep tracks and single track in the Underberg & Himeville area.

Day 2 is 42km in length and is a race to the summit of the famous Sani Pass and back, starting and finishing at the Premier Resort Sani Pass.

The events will follow a TEAM of 2 format but there will be also be a SOLO category.

There is no other MTB event that incorporates the Sani Pass!

There will also be a LITE event with distances of approximately 35km on Day 1 and 26km on Day 2. Day 2 will be to the South African Border Post and back. Both days starting and finish at the same locations as the main race.

More Information

Please visit the event website to enter online or for more information at www.sanidragon.co.za

Sani Dragon


The Sani Stagger Marathon takes place along the 21 km gravel road of the Sani Pass, through the magnificent scenic route between the Premier Resort Sani Pass and the Lesotho border post.

The Marathon – 42.2km

The 42.2km Marathon starts on the Premier Resort Sani Pass golf course and is run to the top of the Sani Pass at the Lesotho border and back down again finishing on the golf course.

The Down Run – 21.1km

The 21.1km Down Run starts at the Lesotho Border Post and is run down to the finish line on the Premier Resort Sani Pass golf course.

More Information

Please visit the event website to enter online or for more information at www.sanistagger.co.za

Sani Stagger


Stagger Trail is a one day Trail Run with a choice of two distances. Based at the Premier Resort Sani Pass and run in conjunction with the Sani Stagger road marathon and half-marathon, the Stagger Trail traverses a number of the most iconic trails in the surrounding Maloti Drakensberg World Heritage Site.

Both routes are characterized by genuine mountain trail with occasional technical sections and some challenging climbs which make for a truly authentic trail running experience.

Stagger Trail